What happens next

Once your completed application form has been received and vetted by the Internship team in USIT Dublin, we will contact you by phone to take payment for your Programme, Sevis and Insurance.

Programmes will contact you via post to acknowledge receipt and advise you of the status of your application. You will be sent a J-1 Visa Welcome Pack with your US information on the next stages of the process.  The Welcome Pack contains full instruction on the forms that you will need to take to your interview which you will book yourself when your application has been approved by CIEE and you have paid in full.

Once your application is processed by USIT your application forms will be sent to Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), the official Programme Sponsors and the only organisation that can legally accept you onto the programme. CIEE will thoroughly check your eligibility, contact your Host Company and determine if the Internship USA programme is a good fit for you.

At this point, an agent will be in contact with you to book your flights. We try to book the most flexible flights possible, so if you need to change your flights at any stage, it will most likely only be for a nominal fee.

If CIEE are satisfied that all is OK, they will issue a work authorisation document called a DS-2019, and a SEVIS receipt (I-797 or I-901) for you. If CIEE are not satisfied, then you may be required to submit further documentation, which may mean having to adjust your programme dates. If you are rejected full cancellation fees will apply.

If approved, CIEE will send your DS-2019 work authorisation document and SEVIS Receipt to the USIT Programmes Department. Your DS-2019 will not be released to you until you have paid in full for your IWT programme. If you have not PIF by this stage, you will be contacted by a USIT representative for full payment.

Programmes will check that this document is correct and will then forward this document to you by post with your pre-departure pack provided you have paid in full. Failure to pay in full by this stage may lead to delays in getting to the US Embassy and receiving your visa.

Your pre-departure pack contains valuable information about your time in the US, so be sure to read over it before you depart and take it with you when you go!

US Embassy Interview

All participants must attend a US Embassy/Consulate interview. You must go to your Embassy/Consulate appointment with your passport and all relevant documentation as outlines in the Visa Application Guide. This document is enclosed in your USA Welcome Pack. PLEASE NOTE USIT CAN NO LONGER BOOK YOUR EMBASSY INTERVIEW.

Once you have been successfully interviewed, the US Embassy/Consulate will issue your J-1 visa. They generally return all documents to a sorting office of your choice. Your J-1 visa is issued at the discretion of the US Embassy and neither USIT nor CIEE will be responsible if you are refused a visa. If your visa application is rejected, full cancellation fees will apply.


Programme Regulations state that you must book your flights and insurance with USIT Travel for all of our USA Programmes. We do not accept concession travel or alternative insurance. These costs are not included in the programme fee and must be booked before and paid for well your embassy interview in order to receive your DS-2019 (please note you cannot sit your interview without this document, so book your flights and insurance sooner rather than later!).

Bear in mind USIT cannot guarantee your application will be approved by CIEE (the partner organization in the US that issues your documents) or by the US embassy when you sit your interview. USIT will book you the most flexible flight available to avoid any disappointment should you need a flight change.